Vinos de Altura - Altitude Wines dates back to 2010 when 3 different climatic regions of Spain were able to unite in the same winery in which to express their own distinctive style.

In Terra Alta, one of the most trendy Denominations of Origin today, where we have been betting for many years for its soil, its micro-climate, and its old white and red Grenache along with the Samso varieties, which you can make such excellent wines with.
Cayo Plinio Segundo, better known as Plinio El Viejo, naturalist scientist and writer of the Roman Empire of the 1st Century, wrote that “the best wines of the entire Roman Empire were found between Barcino ( Barcelona ) and Tarraco ( Tarragona ).

In Las Hoces del Cabriel Natural Reserve at 1000 meters above sea level, we make wines from one of the most genuine varieties in Europe, the Bobal variety, with old vines, some over 60 years old.
Finally, although not in this order since the first elaborations were made of CAVA in the heart of the same region, in Sant Sadurní d'Anoia, we elaborate CAVA Reserva only, with a very personal style which has been highlighted many times in wine industry press. We only make Reserve elaborations of the native varieties at the Origin and heart of the DO/Appellation near Barcelona.

Nowadays Vinos de Altura - Altitude Wines intends to expand internationally in various markets, always trying to work with the most technical distribution companies that pamper the quality wine segment.

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